Not only shoes, gloves from the Crocs has been exist


Photo : Internet Photo : Internet -   The American shoes company, Crocs, has been one of the most popular fashion brands for shoes. Many celebrities and public figures are fans of this enduring footwear.

Crocs has been known for its footwear. But do you know that someone out there has made the gloves version of these popular shoes?

The Crocs gloves are made by Unnecessary Invention, an Instagram account that is dedicated to creating strange inventions that no one really needs. The account was run by Matt Benedetto, an entrepreneur and product designer.

These gloves are based on the company’s classic Croc blue. Like the shoes, they also have several holes. For some reason, the gloves still have the strap that is meant to keep the heel in place.

Just as the account suggests, this invention is useless and unnecessary. The gloves seems to restrict your hand’s movement due to the hard material and because of the holes and its fingerless style, they cannot protect your hands from harm. But it is still fun to see.


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