Deddy Corbuzier Upload Photos Together with Sandiaga Uno, Netizens: You're Both Smart


Deddy Corbuzier as being wth Sandiaga Uno (photo / int)) Deddy Corbuzier as being wth Sandiaga Uno (photo / int)) -

Friday 23 August 2019, Deddy Corbuzier was known to be active in using social media (Social Media) to share his activities. Recently Deddy Corbuzier uploaded a photo of himself with businessman and former Vice-President 02 Sandiaga Uno on an Instagram account.

"Having a deep conversation with this guy today, @Sandiuno we are fighting! Panco," wrote @mastercorbuzier in his personal Instagram photo description.

Immediately, the photo was crowded commenting on netizens or citizens. @adesrinovianti: "Daddy online, don't be rude to our online Daddy ya...

@rifqitaniyo: "The next president and vice president? Who knows?"

@ fIr6285: "Cooolll, you're a SMART person."

@aldian_maret: "Papa online is President, bang dedi Vice President. Those who agree give thumbs up."

@mhdrardhi: "Find the Difference Between the Two!"


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