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Coffee diet is believed to be able to reduce a person's weight


Coffee diet is believed to be able to reduce a person's weight Coffee diet is believed to be able to reduce a person's weight

News24xx.com -  Coffee diet is now becoming a trend in the urban society. According to the initiator of the trend Bob Arnot in his book 'The Coffee Lover's Diet', coffee is believed to be able to reduce a person's weight.

So how does coffee diet works? Quoting from 'Men's Health' website, a person should drink 720 milliliters of coffee every day, which is equals to three cups every day. However, it should be noted that the coffee must be made from lightly roasted coffee beans and without any mixture of cream or sugar.

You must also reduce calorie consumption to 1,500 calorie every day. The food that can be consumed to reach that number must also be controlled. You can eat vegetables and roasted chicken. Meanwhile, you have to avoid frozen food and snacks.

According to Arnot, the two activities are good to reduce weight. Moreover, coffee is believed to reduce your appetite. Many researched on overweight people already proven it. Entering the sixth week of the coffee diet, a person's appetite will reduce significantly.

Further, Arnot also mentioned that coffee is effective to improve the body's metabolism. According his own research, Arnot proved that coffee will burn fat faster. Within the first five weeks, participants of the program managed to reduce 17 to 28 percent of their weight with the support of low calorie intake.

However, the Health Line website does not suggest everyone to try coffee diet. Because, according to Health Line, overconsumption of coffee can resulted in numerous health problems. For example, high blood pressure, where a study showed that consuming three cups of coffee can increase risks of high blood pressure.

In addition, due to coffee's diuretic nature, a person currently undergoing coffee diet will have to go to the bathroom more often compared to other people.

As a result, a person may lost lots of important electrolytes because of high frequency of urinal excretion, including potassium, which can lead to a condition called hypokalemia. Hypokalemia affects a person's muscle control and heart fitness.

Finally, high intake of caffeine have been linked to increasing risks of heart attack, headache, insomnia, and increasing possibilities of osteoporosis, and even depression. Although consuming coffee on a large number can be dangerous, an intake of up to 400 milligrams or four cups of coffee every day is still considered as a safe limit.





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