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A video that shown four victims in fatal car crash in Nganjuk joked about crashing


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News24xx.com -  A video confirmed was taken moments before a fatal car crash in East Java has gone viral in Indonesia, showing the interaction between four friends in the car as they joke about the potential of crashing.

The video shows three young men and one young woman inside a Toyota Innova, which was being driven from Madiun to Surabaya by 21-year-old Panji Wisnu Kusuma. 

The video was believed to be taken as the car was passing through Nganjuk regency.

In the video, one of the men can be heard saying, in Javanese, “Make a story as if we’re in a crash.” Another man then says, “Make a crash story,” presumably to be posted on social media.

Though the video does not show the moment of the actual crash, police say that the Innova, which they believed was being driven at high speed, careened out of its lane and into oncoming traffic, colliding head-on with a tour bus.

“The driver drove at a high speed. And then, all of a sudden, the car went off its lane,” Nganjuk Police Chief Dewa Nyoman Nanya told yesterday.

“The video is real. It’s likely to be taken before the crash.”

The victims appear to be deceased in the crushed car, show they are wearing the same clothes seen in the original video.

Police say two people in the Innova died at the scene, while another died at a hospital. One passenger, named Tohir, survived with minor injuries.

Meanwhile, the bus driver and one of the bus’s passengers reportedly sustained minor injuries.

Police have yet to determine the exact cause of the crash.





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