A man from UK spends his money for plastic surgery to looks like Jimin from BTS


Photo : Internet Photo : Internet -  A British man had jaw shaved down, along with numerous other surgeries, to look like his Korean boyband idol.

Oli London, 29, from London, first hit headlines in Oct 2018 after news broke that he'd spent over £75,000 (RM391,000) on surgeries to look like K-pop star, Jimin, from Korean boyband BTS.

He is particularly infatuated with band member Jimin, and has strived to look like his idol for five years – and has since had further surgery and now spent an estimated £125,000 in a bid to achieve his dream appearance.

“Basically BTS debuted in 2013 and I was actually living in Korea at the time, and I was watching some TV and BTS performed and I was just amazed by all of them,' he said.

“I want my entire lifestyle to revolve around K-pop and I want my entire look to look like Jimin because for me he is perfection, his jaw shape, his lips his voice, everything.”

Then, in June 2019, Oli went back to Korea to have more surgery done on his face.

Oli had a total of five surgeries with Dr Yun Chang Woon at View Plastic Surgery assisted by Medictel Korea – including rhinoplasty, alarplasty, mandible angle reduction (v line jaw surgery), zygoma reduction (cheek bone reduction), and genioplasty with Tosteotomy (chin contouring).

“Korean people love me! They are very kind to me, they are very nice, they don't have a problem with it.”

He continued: “As long as it doesn't affect people, as long as it doesn't hurt people, I'm doing something that makes me happy and I'm doing something because I love Korea, I love K-Pop."






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