SELARAS Hopes for People's Representatives on Bumi Lancang Kuning


Director of SELARAS, Herman Susilo Director of SELARAS, Herman Susilo - Awaiting the DPRD who can oversee local government policies in improving development

to this day, all DPRD members in regencies / cities throughout Riau and the DPRD of 2019-2024 have been officially inaugurated.

The hopes of the Riau people towards the provincial and regency / city DPRD members may always hold the mandate and be able to work well as promised during the campaign. Because the public satisfaction index is not in favor of the people's representatives.

According to the Director of the Center for Election and Democracy Research (SELARAS), Herman Susilo said, this was interpreted that so far the DPRD had not optimally carried out all its roles and functions. Without denying the hard work and good performance shown by a number of previous period board members.

But agree or not, with various performance indicators
Riau DPRD and district / city DPRD institutions in the previous period were generally still far from expectations.

"It is interesting that we wait for the performance of the representatives of the people to come, the shortcomings in the previous period must be a correction material for the improvement of the DPRD in the future. The old face mingles with the new face in the DPRD, is expected to be a harmony for the strength of the legislative body in providing a democratic life for regional development. "Herman said.

The legislative, budget and oversight functions that are carried out within the framework of people's representation must live in the midst of the enthusiasm of DPRD members who are carried out with integrity, honesty and service.

The SELARAS data management and research division noted that of all the seats, namely 545 seats in the Riau DPRD and districts / cities in Riau, there were 302 new legislator seats, or equivalent to 56.26 percent of all available seats.

It means that there is a new hope expected by the people of Riau for the people's representatives in the 2019-2024 period
to guard Riau's development for the better future.

"After being inaugurated, the council is actually an extension of the people's intentions, not an extension of political parties. The DPRD should not only become a stamp of the regional government which makes the legislature not compete with the executive," he said.

"Government proposals easily slip through without an objective oversight role from the parliament," continued the longtime political consultant at Polmark Indonesia.

Herman should have argued that a government without adequate opposition forces is a disadvantage for the people. A healthy democracy will be realized if there is a check and balance mechanism between the legislative and executive running optimally.

"The control of the council over every local government policy becomes a necessity for the people in improving development, especially with issues that have the potential to harm the people as a whole," he concluded.

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