Fadli Zon Shouts-Out to Jokowi not to Run Away from KPK problem


Source: detikNews Source: detikNews - Jakarta - Students from various areas in Indonesia come together to reject the KPK Law because it weakens the KPK. Students demand President Jokowi issue a Perppu to cancel the KPK Law. Vice Chairman of Parliament, Fadli Zon, stated that the fate of the KPK was in Jokowi's hands.

When the demonstration happened and led to riots on Tuesday, 24 September 2019, Fadli Zon was not in DPR. He went to abroad, attending the Eurasia victory leadership meeting in Kazakhstan.

He responded the students demonstration around the DPR. "The fate of the KPK is in the hands of the President", he said in his message to reporters on Wednesday, September 25 , 2019.

Fadli Zon explained that the KPK Law cannot be released from Jokowi's approval. The law was approved by the DPR through a plenary meeting on September 17, 2019. He asked Jokowi not to run away from the students aspirations who wanted Perppu.

"The President approved its discussion and approval. The ball is in the hands of the President, don't waste your body," said Fadli.




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