Is it true that Papuan Separatist Figures Appear at the UN Assembly?


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Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemenlu) Teuku Faizasyah said someone who conducts general talks of the United Nations (UN) must be accredited and official as a delegation of a certain country.

"For someone who attends (general UN), he needs to be accredited and officially represent a representative or a part of a certain country," Teuku told, Sunday, 29 September 2019.

It was said related to the information of Papua separatist figure, Benny Wenda, who was rumored to be attending the UN General Assembly, but he was refused. "But this is me talking about general conditions, there is no need to monitor the related activity," he said.

Nevertheless, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not received any information regarding this matter.

Benny Wenda himself was reportedly in New York, United States, to attend the UN General Assembly. He intends to strive for a visiting by the UN Human Rights Commissioner to Papua and West Papua, which he said was a humanitarian crisis.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian government accused Benny Wenda of being behind the riots in the provinces of Papua and West Papua that erupted since last August.

But Benny Wenda and Sebby Sambom, spokesmen for the West Papua Liberation Army military wing, denied the accusations.

Previously, according to the Indonesian delegation from Papua, Nick Messet, Benny Wenda was not permitted to enter the room where the assembly was held.

In his statement as quoted by TribunnewsWiki, Friday, 27 september 2019, that separatist figure of the Free Papua Movement was banned because of new UN regulation.






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