Deputy Secretary General Gerindra said Something about Jokowi on his Twitter account


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The Papua problem has become one of the polemics that has not yet been resolved by the Jokowi government. After the riot on September 23, 2019, dozens of victims died in Wamena, Papua.

Deputy Secretary General of the DPP Gerindra, Andre Rosiade reminded, the task of the government is to protect all the people listed in the 1945 Constitution. Jokowi's sensitivity to the Wamena issue was also questioned, because he had not yet mourned the dozens of victims killed.

"The task of the government in accordance with the 1945 Constitution protects all Indonesian blood spills. I remind the government of @jokowi," Andre tweeted in his Twitter account quoted on Sunday, September 29, 2019.

Andre asked Jokowi, as Head of State, not to neglect the constitutional order to protect the people. If you are unable, don't become President or resign from the position of Head of State.





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