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Papua Becomes a Political Instrument by a Party


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"An effective contingency step needs to be taken to localize violence, evacuate citizens and make the role of the security apparatus effective," said political observer from the University of Indonesia, Ade Reza Hariyadi when contacted by the RMOL Political News Agency on Sunday (29/9).

Ade explained, all components of the nation should pay attention to the Wamena tragedy. The government should take comprehensive steps to restore socio-political stability and security in Papua.

"The perpetrators of crimes against humanity who hide behind political issues must be arrested and brought to justice. The state must be present in Wamena without exception," he said.

On the other hand, he suspected that there were parties who made Papua an instrument of war. The indication shows there is connectivity between Papuan separatist activists abroad, international supporter groups and their operators in Papua.

"The target is to seek economic and political benefits by escalating violence in Papua and the internationalization of the Papua issue," he explained.

Therefore, Ade believes the tensions that occur are not merely local aspirations of the people of Papua, but there are groups that take advantage of the situation.





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