Tunisian Women Have Made a Big Step in Politics


Source: Source: -Reported from Voaindonesia, Tunisian women have made big strides in Tunisia's political world since the 2011 revolution in the country. They hope they can make further progress towards gender equality in legislative elections this Sunday, 6 October 2019. But as VOA reporter Lisa Bryant from Tunis reported, building or even maintaining benefits that have been previously achieved might become an issue.

Sana Ghenima, President of the Association of Women and Leadership in Tunisia said, "We have no difficulty in finding female candidates. What is difficult is to get the party that put them on the list of candidates. There is where battle is located."

Tunisian women have long enjoyed rights that are very seldom existed in Arab countries.

They won almost half of all seats in local elections last year and control almost one third of Tunisia's current parliamentarians, compared with only one fifth in the American Congress.

Now for the first time the capital city of Tunis has a female mayor, who is from the moderate Ennahdha Party.

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