Car Exports: Cars Made in Indonesia Become More Popular in the International Market


Source: detikNews Source: detikNews - Jakarta - Total export figures, aka Completely Build Up (CBU) cars produced in the country continue to show a positive trend in the last two months.

If in July 2019, there were around 31,638 units of cars produced in Indonesia sent overseas, in August the number increased to 36,401 units as stated in the export distribution data of the Indonesian Automotive Industries Association (Gaikindo).

The number became the largest in 2019. For information, the previous six months on average only around 22 thousand units of cars were exported intact to various countries.

That way, in total throughout 2019 there were 205,791 units of cars labeled 'Made in Indonesia' strolled abroad. Gaikindo itself is targeting to send 300,000 cars made by RI to foreign countries this year.

At present, cars made in Indonesia are exported to dozens of countries. At least about 80 countries in the world accept cars made in Indonesia.




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