This Sophisticated Application is Very Useful for Farmers


Photo : Internet Photo : Internet - A few weeks ago, Vijayaraju Parimi and her colleagues were busy discussing. While chatting, their eyes were fixed on a cellphone that was pointing to a mango leaf.

By pressing the camera button, the mango leaf is successfully momentalized.

Their behavior is not just a joke. Vijayaraju and her colleagues who work as mango farmers in Telangana State, India, are actually working.

They tried to find out the type of disease that struck the mango tree by taking photos of leaves and sending them to the internet through an application called Plantix.

A similar story is told by Voruganti Surendra, a rice farmer in the Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh State. Together with hundreds of other farmers, she used the Plantix application to find out the types of diseases and instructions on how to overcome them.


Bianca Kummer, one of the founders of Plantix, claimed that the application was originally intended to help small farmers. The idea was sparked when two application founders were in Brazil to conduct doctoral research.

However, this application has weaknesses. Bianca revealed that Plantix's success rate in recognizing plant diseases reached 80% to 90%.

This means that there are still opportunities for applications to fail to detect plant diseases.

To overcome this, a discussion forum feature is available in the application so farmers can ask directly to a number of plant pathologists and researchers from Plantix.

Another drawback, this application does not have an Indonesian version, although there are Hindi and Telugu language  for users in India.

For the time being, said Bianca, Indonesian farmers can only use the English version for a while.




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