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After Having Sex, a Beautiful Girl Mutilated Her Boyfriend


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News24xx.com -A former police officer was found dead with a mutilated body.

Police investigation revealed that the murder suspect was the lover of the mutilated policeman.

It was also revealed that the lover named Anastasia Onegina. She mutilated her boyfriend, after having an unusual sex.

Reporting from Dailymail, Anastasia insisted that she did not kill Dmitry, but she admitted that she had mutilated him. Based on that confession, the police arrested Anastasia, a woman from Russia, on charges of body mutilation.

One theory carried out by the police is that Dmitry died during unusual sex.

The neighbor said that the couple were fans of occult and BDSM, and in their social media accounts there was a picture of Satan.

Occultism is a belief in supernatural things like witchcraft.

Whereas BDSM is a term in sex that involves pain and violence during sex as well as hurting oneself or a partner to achieve satisfaction.

Dmitry Sinkevich's body was found by Anastasia Onegina's sister, who then called the police.




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