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5 Grandchildren of Swedish King Freed from Kingdom Duties


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News24xx.com -The King of Sweden, King Carl Gustaf, decided to lift the burden of the royal family's obligations of five grandchildren. The reason is that he hopes that with this policy his descendants can live without burdens and are expected to be more sociable.

As reported by CNN, Tuesday on 8 October 2019, according to the Royal Chief of Staff of Sweden, Fredrik Wersäll, the five grandchildren of King Carl Gustaf still hold the title of prince or princess. However, they were no longer required to carry out royal duties.

King Gustaf and Empress Silvia have three children. They are Victoria, Carl Philip and Madeleine.

According to Princess Madeleine, the plan had been expected for a long time so that her children could live like ordinary citizens.

Prince Carl Philip also hopes that this will make his children more free to regulate their personal lives when they grow up.

In 1980, the kingdom changed the rules of the successor to the throne, being the firstborn and not bound to any particular gender.



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