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Disgusting! Ice Cream with Mouse Meat Flavour is Popular in Ecuador


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News24xx.com -Chocolate and vanilla ice cream is common. What if the ice cream tastes like meat? In Ecuador there is a popular ice cream with Dutch rat (Guinea Pig) flavour.

Dutch rat flavor ice cream, Oddity Central on 7 October, reports this is actually not too surprising. Because people in South American countries such as Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia are accustomed to cooking Dutch rats with various spices. Later the Dutch rat meat is served with potatoes and peanut sauce.

In the capital of Ecuador, Quito, an ice cream seller woman presents a unique variant that makes many people immediately curious. The homemade Dutch ice cream is very popular among locals and tourists.

María del Carmen Pilapaña claimed that the idea of ??making Dutch rat ice cream emerged last year, right after she worked in the kitchen of her brother's restaurant.

"My husband and family thought I was crazy. They did not think anyone would want this ice cream, but now the Dutch rat ice cream is our main product," Maria said. She added that she also had doubts about the success of their sale.

If you are interested in tasting it, Dutch rat ice cream is sold at a kiosk near the highway that connects Quito with Sangolqui. In a day Maria usually sells around 150 Dutch ice cream cone cones. But this demand continues to grow.

In the future Maria and the team want to sell other meat ice cream flavors. Starting from crab, chicken and pork. They are sure this ice cream will be as popular as the Dutch rat ice cream.



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