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Bus Accident; 6 People were Death, the Bus's Roof was Dislodged


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News24xx.com -Pekanbaru - The PMTOH bus from Aceh got an accident in Kuansing Regency, Riau. As a result, 6 bus passengers were death.

"This accident occurred at 11:45 a.m. on the causeway in Kasang Village, Central Kuantan District, Kuasing," Riau Police Head of Public Relations, Senior Commissioner Sunarto told reporters on Wednesday on 9 October 2019.

Sunarto explained the PMTOH bus with police number BL 7326 AL driven by Indra Weli Saputra (50) was moving from Kiliran Jao to Kuansing District. The conditions road is full of bend and downhill.

"From the direction of Kiliran Jao to Kuansing, the driver lost control in the road conditions of of bend and downhill," he said.

Narto continued that this accident made the bus condition heavily damaged where the roof of the bus dislodged. There were 6 passengers death and 9 injured.

"The reason for this was due to the negligence and carelessness of drivers when driving their vehicles. The condition of the asphalt road was good and at that time the traffic flow was quiet," Sunarto said.

Kasat Lantas Kuansing Regional Police, AKP Basri added that currently all accident victims were taken to the hospital. "We are still at the accident place right now, all accident victims are referred to the Regional Hospital," Basri concluded.




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