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Viral, This Boy Eye's Blood Vessels are Damage


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News24xx.com - Smoking while driving is dangerous not only for yourself, but also other people around you, as experienced by this man.

Even though there is a prohibition on smoking while driving, which is regulated by Minister of Transportation Regulation No. 12 of 2019, concerning the Protection of Motorcycle Safety Users Used for Public Interest, in fact there are still many motorcyclists who violate this matter.

The effect is, not only risks the driver, but also other people around them. This is experienced by the owner of the Instagram account @belvadamario.

In his Insta Story, he tells me that his left eye was hit by embers of cigarette ash from a motorcyclist.

In fact, he said if at that time he was riding a motorcycle with complete motorbike equipment, such as helmets and goggles. Apparently, the cigarette ash can still enter from the side of his glasses.

He further explained, if he immediately doused his eyes with water and used eye drops. Unfortunately, this even makes his eye condition worse.

"In the morning, my eyes suddenly turned really hard, after taking a shower again, the red now covered half of the big eyes really scared. The red was also very rich in blood. Go to the doctor," he continued, accompanying the photo of the condition of his left eye at that time.

Arriving at the doctor, he said, the doctor said if there was something in the lining of his eyes and caused the blood vessels around his eyes to burst.

"There, my eyes are sprayed, it hurts really bad. Then it is given an ointment on the lid, it doesn't feel good, it really hurts," he said again.

He also included the harmful effects of smoking while riding a motorcycle in his post. Besides being able to harm others, this bad habit can also be a cause of traffic accidents. Therefore, do not smoke on the highway huh!



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