Ulama's turn supports Riau police chief's move, but Inspector General Agung applies Malay politeness


Inspector General, Riau Regional Police Inspector General, Riau Regional Police - The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) of Riau Province fully supports the approach of the Riau Regional Police Chief Inspector General Agung Setya Imam Effendi to adopt Malay cultural values ??in leading his unit.

"The new Riau Regional Police Chief is trying to adapt Malay culture, it is very good. We support it and it should be like that," Riau MUI Secretary Zulhusni Domo said here on Wednesday.

The Secretary of MUI Riau hopes that Inspector General Agung Agung, who officially holds the baton as the Riau Police Chief in the past week, can improve the image of the police in the future.

He considered, a number of actions by the police in securing demonstrations that had led to repressive actions in the past few years could erase the impression of violence that had occurred.

In addition, Zulhusni also said that the Riau Regional Police had been led by the Regional Police Chief who implemented the values ??of Malay and Islamic culture well. Pol Inspector General Zulkarnain Adinegara led the Riau Police in 2016-2017 ago. He hoped that Inspector General Agung Agung could implement the positive performance of the Riau Police Chief before being close to the Muslims and the Malay community.

"The previous Inspector General of Police Zulkarnain applied the rahmatan lil Al-Amin police, and the new Riau Police Chief hopefully can implement it so that the impression of violence can be removed," he said.

In line with the MUI, the Chairman of the Riau Nahdatul Ulama Regional Board Rusli Effendi also welcomed the Riau Regional Police Chief's plan to adopt Malay cultural values. He said that Malay culture was closely related to Islamic values ??and respected customs and tolerance.

"We welcome and appreciate the statement made by the Riau Police Chief, Agung, that in the context of adopting Malay culture. Malay is easy to manage, respect both the customs, tolerance, and culture," he explained.

He also hopes that the Riau Regional Police Headquarters can embrace the religious leaders in Bumi Lancang Kuning as an effort to maintain public security and order.

According to him, maintaining peace cannot only be done by a Kapolda, or only the Governor or other leaders separately. However, it must be done by good synergy.

In the end, he hopes that these steps will also have a big impact, especially in overcoming forest and land fires which have been a classic problem in Malay Land.

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