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Dumai Students Hope Bang Zainal Initiative to Resolve the Unemployment Problem


(Zainal Abidin ) (Zainal Abidin )

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DUMAI - Increased industrial growth in Dumai has not been too influential for high school graduates or college graduates. At present there are still many Dumai young people who are unemployed.

Looking ahead, Dumai needs a leader who can understand the problems that are being experienced by the middle and lower classes in Dumai, especially regarding employment issues.

This hope was conveyed by one of the Dumai students, Alfi Reza Syahputra. "Dumai needs a leader who is firm in fighting for the interests of his people. Dare to convey to companies operating in Dumai to pay attention to the local children," Alfi said.

One figure of the prospective Dumai leader who has a firm but clever attitude to lobby, according to Alfi, is Zainal Abidin. This is according to the student who studied in this 7th semester, seen from Zainal's gait while serving as Vice Chairman of the Dumai City Legislative for two periods.

"We are proud to have political figures in Dumai like Pak Zainal Abidin. He has extensive experience in developing this country. Pak Zainal cares about Dumai's children, one of them is my friend who is currently working after graduating from high school which he fought for," said that student.

It was known by the student that the election battle for the mayor and deputy mayor, Bang Zainal Abidin, would take part as a candidate for the Prospective Mayor of Dumai and had registered with the political party that would carry him.

"Pak Zainal who is very senior in politics can accommodate the hopes of many people. We hope that Mr. Zainal can do the best for Dumai going forward," he said. ***

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