Already Had Family; Forbidden Love of Two Indonesian Artists Will be Uncovered


Photo : Internet Photo : Internet - Reported by Insertlive, paranormal that is being popular, Ms. You, is back to watching couples of Indonesian artists who have forbidden love stories.

Because the two pairs of the couples already have a family. Even worse, the two pairs of artists who have forbidden love relationships are mutual friends.

However, unfortunately, Ms. You is still reluctant to mention even though only the initials of the involved artists.

She suggested that the two couples should both realize their relationship was wrong because they already had children and each other's partners.

"Because each other already has a partner, that's not the way to address love it does not mean that we have to respond to other people," he said.

Ms. You said later this case will be revealed by itself in the coming 2020.

When being asked further, Ms. You revealed the hostile artist was a film player and singer.

"The relationship has been built for years. The actors already have sons and daughters, and it has been above the number of 4 years. Once caught up, everything will be revealed," said Mbak You.



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