One of Indonesia's Political Figures Stabbed by Unknown Person


Photo : Internet Photo : Internet - The Coordinating Minister for Politics and Security of Indonesia, Wiranto, was attacked by an unknown person during to visit to the Menes Square, Pandeglang, Banten, a few moment ago (Thursday, 10 October 2019).

Wiranto who wore a green batik just got out of the RI 16 official car he was traveling in, when a man wearing a black shirt and white pants quickly stabbed a sharp weapon to him.

Wiranto immediately fell down. While the people who were waiting for him shouted.

Wiranto was mentioned stopping at the Menes Square on his way back to Jakarta after attending the inauguration of a Joint Lecture Building at Mathla'ul Anwar University in Cikaliung Village, Sindanghayu Village, Saketi District.

From an amateur video circulating, it was seen that Wiranto was stabbed and then fell. Followed by a quick movement of guards and people around the location to secure the perpetrators.

While in the second amateur video received by the editor, police and soldiers were arrested and dragged the man who stabbed.

While Wiranto was immediately rushed to the Berkah Pandeglang Regional Hospital.




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