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Want to Look More Beautiful Through Surgery? This is the Cost


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News24xx.com - In Jakarta, now there are many beauty clinics that also offer plastic surgery services. However, if you intend to do so, it is improtany to know the costs. The following is a list of treatments types on the face with its costs, reported by Whatclinic and Younginbeauty.


# Eye area

Plastic surgery in this area is usually done to remove eye bags, wrinkles around the eyes, or beautify the eyelids. The costs required between IDR 15-30 million.


# Cheek area

Plastic surgery in this area includes the formation of cheeks and cheekbones, as well as the making of dimples. It ranges from IDR 5-45 million. Especially for the making of dimples, the fees start at IDR 75 million.


#Chin area

In this area, care is usually taken to make the chin more attractive. The costs must be prepared starting from IDR 30 million.


# Facelift

For those who want to look younger, a facelift treatment is right for you. This treatment costs around IDR 50-55 million.


# Nasal area

The most popular is sticking the nose.  The costs that must be prepared around IDR 15-35 million.


#Lip area

To make your lips look the way you want, prepare pockets starting at IDR 15 million.


#Jaw area

The most popular treatment for this area is to form the contours of the jaw so that the face looks thin. Prepare a cost of around IDR 60-85 million.




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