Research: This Famous Powder Brand Can Cause Cancer


Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson -Asbestos substance is found in Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical products. American consumers protest loudly. In addition, thousands of lawsuits were registered because they felt disadvantaged by the company.

While in its official statement, Johnson and Johnson stated that product withdrawal was taken because there were demands from consumers after the food and cosmetic authority (FDA) of the United States (US) found asbestos in its baby powder. Johnson's claims, asbestos content is only around 0.00002 percent.

"This is the first time a product has been withdrawn from the market after 40 years of Johnson & Johnson powder," said Johnson and Johnson spokesman Erni Kerwetz.

It also ensures that the company has carried out stringent checking standards to ensure there is no asbestos content in the product.

"We have done thousands of tests over the past 40 years showing that our consumers are not contaminated with asbestos. The products we produce are made of materials that have passed the highest standard of inspection. Moreover, checking of our products is also tested and has been recognized by independent laboratories, universities and global health authorities, "he continued.

Responding to the withdrawal of this product, University of Michigan business professor, Erik Gordon, stated, with the withdrawal efforts made by the company would make it difficult for their position to defend in court. Johnson and Johnson are expected to incur significant costs to solve this problem.

WHO has declared all types of asbestos as a carcinogenic material or cause of cancer. Chrysotile or white asbestos has been shown to cause asbestosis, lung cancer, mesothelioma and laryngeal and ovarian cancer (IPCS, 1998; WTO, 2001; IARC, 2012; WHO, 2014; Collegium Ramazzini, 2015).

The latest data states, the global burden associated with asbestos-related cancer is estimated as many as 194 thousand people died in 2013. This data is up from 94 thousand in 1990 or up more than 100%. The impact of death and disability due to asbestos has reached 3,402,000 - more than 94% since 1990. This figure is 2/3 of all cases of cancer due to work.

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