A Mysterious Action of This Magician Makes a Woman's Bra Suddenly Take Off


Photo: Facebook Photo: Facebook - The action of a magician makes a woman lose her bra viral on Facebook. The magician is known as Aldo. He did a magic trick by playing a tissue.

Aldo squeezes tissue into small pieces.

Aldo began his magic trick, and held the tissue in one of his hands with a quick motion.

Beby, the woman, was asked by Aldo to guess in what the hand the tissue was located.

For the first trick, the magician's trick is predictable.

Then the magician continues the second trick.

The second trick was successfully guessed by Beby.

However, in the third trick, the magician managed to fool the woman.

The way is still the same, but this time Aldo threw the tissue he was holding back when Beby didn't notice.

So, when Beby guessed the tissue in his right hand, he was suddenly surprised.

Because the tissue is not in the hands of the magician.

"Why isn't there? ", Beby was surprised to see the tissue is not in the hands of Aldo.

Aldo also asked the woman to check the tissue on her body.

With reason not to touch the woman's body parts, the magician asked Beby to check her clothes, whether the tissue was in Beby's shirt.

"Try to check it well, check it," begged the magician. However, Beby still could not find tissue in her clothes.

Then, the magician tried to help Beby find the whereabouts of the tissue using two blue cloths.

The magician asked Beby to slip the cloth into Beby's clothes. Until, the second position of the cloth brought by the magician was tucked in the chest of Beby's shirt.

The magician asked Beby to stretch out his hands and not move.

In the count of three magicians pulled the cloth and Beby's bra was carried along.

Suddenly Beby was shocked and embarrassed to see that the bra she was wearing tucked in her chest.

Beby felt embarrassed because the bra she was wearing came out with the cloth she was tucking in.

"Aldo, don't open it up. Don't tell the public," Beby said.




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