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Since 2006 to 2019, just 87 Village Offices have been built, with 142 units remaining


(Head of Cipta Karya, Alfion Hendra, ST (photo / Zar)) (Head of Cipta Karya, Alfion Hendra, ST (photo / Zar))

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KUANSING- In improving services to the community, especially at the village government level, the Kuansing Regency Government through the PUPR (Public Works and Spatial Planning) Office has built a Village Office.

The construction of the village office is a necessity of the community, because it is very important. Because there is still a village head who has an office at home. "With this village office, it is hoped that service to the community will be more optimal," said Acting Head of KPR PUPR Kuansing, Ade Fahrel Arif, ST through Cipta Karya, Alfion Hendra, ST when contacted Riau24.com.

According to him, the Village Office that has been built since 2006 - 2019, amounted to around 87 units ,. "The construction of the Village Office is using around 84 Unit Kuansing APBD Funds, and with 3 units of Community Self-help Funds, namely in Bumi Mulya Village, Sukamaju Village, and Tanjung Pauh Village," he said.

So out of the 218 villages in Kuansing, 87 village offices have been built, and there are still around 142 other units that have not been built, or are still using the old office, "he said.

Whereas in this 2019 Fiscal Year alone, as many as 10 Village Office Units were built in Sampurago Village, Hulu Kuantan District, Koto Lubuk Jambi Kuantan Mudik Village, Gunung Toar Long Teberau Village.

Then, Kampung Baru Ibul Village and Sungai Besar Pucuk Rantau Village, Marsawah Village Sentajo Raya District, Gunung Melintang Village Benai District, Logas Village, Teluk Pauh Village Pangean District and Beralo Island Kuantan Hilir District, "he said. (R24 / Zar)

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