Research: Scientists Successfully Making Viruses That Can Kill Every Type of Cancer


Illustration Illustration - Through such a careful study, scientists have discovered a new method for curing all cancers, which they dubbed CF33. The research began with a new cowpox virus that is currently being engineered by US cancer expert Professor Yuman Fong, under the Australian biotechnology company, Imugene.

Scientists see a real success in treating mice with healing, Professor Fong is optimistic that this treatment can show satisfactory results when used to deal with the problem of cancer in humans.

The effect of using a good virus in this treatment is just the common cold. This virus can also be used for the treatment of brain cancer by scientists. Patients who have used this prototype drug report that they have finally recovered after several years suffering from cancer. Some other patients said that they saw their tumor shrinking markedly.

How to cure using this virus is to inject it directly into the tumor area, then the virus will infect cancer cells and cause cancer cells to explode. After that happens, the body's own immune system will oppose other cancer cells in the body and try to kill the diseased cells. Clinical trials are being published in Australia and abroad next year.

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