Considered As Taboo, These 4 Sex Styles are Now Very Valuable and Super Exciting


Sex toys to enhance sex live Sex toys to enhance sex live - British relations expert Annabelle Knight, from Lovehoney, has highlighted how several styles of having sex that have been considered taboo have now become something very valuable in engaging in sexual activity.

Here she reveals to FEMAIL the four biggest taboo styles that are now become something that can excite sexual activity,  the following is those taboo styles;

1. Slavery

BDSM (actions using Bondage-Discipline, Domination-Submission and Sadomasochism in sexual conduct). Previously BDSM was hidden from knowledge about sex.

However, now BDSM becomes part of a healthy and happy sex life.

From mild slavery, such as using a mask to sensory deprivation, hitting, and holding it becomes part of the way to have fun in BDSM.

Besides, using a tie or scarf to limit your partner's view can work wonders, because doing this can improve their other senses, and make them more sensitive to sensual touches. This results in a more intense and satisfying sexual experience.

2. Erotica

In the past, erotic literature was often not generally accepted.

But now, erotic fiction has become mainstream so you can easily find these books in most bookstores.

Erotic fiction allows people to realize their fantasies through fiction, as well as collecting new ideas for sex. Women who read erotic fiction reports enjoy seventy-four percent more sex than women who don't.

3. Couple sex toys

For many people, sex toys are seen as something that can be enjoyed during solo sex, but more and more couples are turning to sex toys to improve their sex lives.

The vibrating love ring is the couple's toy that I recommend the most because it has erectile enhancing properties and a large amount of benefit for additional external clitoral stimulation, which is very important for women's pleasure and orgasm.

4. Anal game

In some circles the act of playing anal is still very taboo, but it becomes a more accepted sexual practice.

In the nineties, around twenty-five percent of people had tried anal, but that number had jumped to around forty percent in 2009.

The benefits of anal play are vast, not only can you achieve a totally different type of orgasm, anal sex is also risk free of pregnancy, and for those who have medical problems like Vaginismus, (where the vaginal canal closes through muscle spasms), anal play is a choice appropriate for intimate penetration, without any discomfort or pain.

Proper anal play is very important - make sure to take a shower beforehand and make sure you use high-quality anal lubricants during play.

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