SMK 1 Tualang Wins 3rd Place in TPHH Vocational School Student Competency Competition


Students of SMK 1 Tualang Siak Students of SMK 1 Tualang Siak - State Vocational School 1 Tualang, Siak Regency, Riau won 3rd place in the Competency Competition of Forestry Product Utilization in Forestry Technical Vocational School (TPHH) students held for 2 days, 15-16 November at the Arboretum Ir. Lukito Daryadi MSc, Manggala Wanabakti, Jalan Gatot Subroto Jakarta and Special Purpose Forest Areas (KHDTK) Rumpin, Bogor.

This competition is also supported by the Human Resources Training and Development Agency (BPSDM), the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, to 5 State Forestry Vocational Schools and 26 other Vocational Schools that have forestry majors under the Ministry of Education and Culture, to support the government's commitment in human resource development that focuses on the development of vocational education .

Forestry Vocational School Student Competency Competition (LKS) is an event to show the ability of students of Forestry Vocational School throughout Indonesia in mastering 4 areas of expertise competency.

Head of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development and Development Agency (BP2SDM) of the Ministry of Forestry, Helmi Basalamah, who opened the Competency Competition for Forestry Vocational School Students, emphasized that graduates of the Forestry Vocational School were projected as co-workers of the LHK development at the site level.

"To succeed the Ministry of Environment and Forestry's priority programs such as social forestry, TORA and meet the needs of technical personnel for industry and KPH technical personnel," he said.

Meanwhile, Head of State Vocational School 1 Tualang Rozian Elfis MPd, when met with Monday, November 18, 2019, said he was proud of the achievements of his students, successfully winning 3rd place in the 2019 Forestry Vocational Student Competency Competition in the technical competence of forest product utilization.

"Thank God Alhamdulillah, SMK 1 Tualang won 3rd place. Thank you for the countless cooperation and hard work of the extended family of SMK 1 Tualang, and for the guidance of the Bogor LHK Education and Training Center. It is expected that through this LKS can be born superior foresters who graduated from the Forestry Vocational School who will become reliable and competent workforce as needed. Hopefully this achievement will increase in the coming year. Aamiin, "he said.

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