383 Athletes Enliven 2019 Siak Regent Cup Roller Skates Championship


In the 2019 Siak Regent Cup Roller Skates athletes In the 2019 Siak Regent Cup Roller Skates athletes - As many as 383 athletes from 18 regions in Indonesia and 1 from Malaysia competed in the 2019 Siak Bupati Cup National Level Championship at the Mempura Roller Skating Venue, Friday, November 22, 2019.

The 31 roller skate clubs are divided into three groups namely beginner, standard and speed groups.

Met by the media crew, Siak Regent Alfedri said, Iven of the 4th Roller Skate Championship was to give birth to athletes who excel and at the same time motivate Siak athletes.

"Thank God there are 4 Athlete Siak from 6 people representing Riau for PON 2020 in Papua," Alfedri said after opening the event.

Alfedri said, this event was also part of the framework to promote Siak Regency tourism throughout Indonesia and abroad. Many tourists will visit Siak so that it will have an impact on improving the people's economy.

Representing the Executive Board of the Indonesian Wheels Skating Association (PB Porserosi) RPM Hendrayana Surya said the skating rink in Siak is one of the best in Indonesia.

In addition he said, in the city of Siak roller skate marathon activities can be carried out because the road is quite good. He said this after he had toured the palace town.

"In the city of Siak, a roller skate marathon can be held, with a distance of 10-25 kilometers, the road is very adequate," he said.

While the Head of the Kadispora Siak Syahrudin said there were more participants this year than the previous year and were joined by a team from neighboring countries. The Siak Bupati Cup Wheel National Championship starts from the 22nd to the 24th of November 2019.

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