Horrible! Sleeping with Contact Lenses, This Girl's Eyes Were Damaged Until She Was Threatened Total Blindness


The patient's demage eyes The patient's demage eyes - A horrifying viral photo shared by an ophthalmologist, Dr. Patrick Vollmer who works at Vita Eye Clinic, United States.

In his upload, Patrick showed 10 photos of eyes damaged by contact lenses.

Of course, the patient's eyes are damaged not just by contact lenses.

It is known, it began when the woman who was his patient had previously slept without removing his contact lenses.

The next morning, the patient was shocked when his eyes turned yellowish green.

Visible dead tissue in the patient's cornea turns greenish yellow.

Parick also explained that the condition of his patients' verdant eyes was a result of a bacterial infection of pseudomonas.

"(Bacteria) Pseudomonas are the main cause of eye disease and can quickly cause permanent blindness," he explained.

Patrick said, if this was the fourth time he had treated a patient with a similar case.

"These bacteria will eat away at the cornea quickly in a matter of days, and only leave necrosis (dead tissue)," he added.

Even though it was treated, Patrick was not sure if the patient could maintain his perfect vision.

"I never recommend sleeping with any brand of 'soft' contact lenses."

"The risk is always greater than the benefits," Patrick wrote.

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