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This is Inhil Secretary Message For Students and Young Generation


Secretary of Inhil with hundreds of students at Inhil Secretary of Inhil with hundreds of students at Inhil -

The Regional Secretary (Sekda) Inhil, H Said Syarifuddin opened a socialization program on the formation of the nation's character and culture of the young generation in 2019, which was administered by the Inhil Regency National Unity and Politics (Kesbangpol).

In these activities, the Regional Secretary advised that character education must be truly instilled in the younger generation to behave in the middle of the community so that it is more characterized according to the nation's personality.

"Not only physical development, but also non-physical conditions, character and local wisdom must be raised again," he said.

According to him, in the era of information technology world which is extraordinary today, the young generation must be able to take advantage of it by finding information and making innovations.

"Don't make the status unclear in social media, share that is not clear, join in with radicalism," he added.

Continued Regional Secretary, as a heterogeneous district, Inhil has many tribes, but that should not be a problem but must be able to make united and work together.

"As the next generation, do not approach drugs, love yourself, if we are damaged the leaders in our area will be filled with other people," he continued.

Meanwhile, Secretary of Kesbangpol Inhil, Marlis Syarif said the aims and objectives of the activity were to provide a clearer picture related to the knowledge and understanding of national character shape to the younger generation.

"Participants around 100 people, from Tembilahan Unisi, STAI Auliaurrasyidin and Akbid Husada Gemilang," he explained.

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