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Accident Prone, Students of SMK 1 Kempas are Protected by Labor BPJS


MoU BPJS Employment with SMK 1 Kempas MoU BPJS Employment with SMK 1 Kempas -

The Rengat Branch Employment Social Security Agency (BPJS), especially in the KCP Indragiri Hilir, encourages students in the Job Training (PKL) in Indragiri Hilir to be protected by the employment social security program.

In this case, BPJS Employment of the Rengat Branch gave appreciation to SMK Negeri 1 Kempas and SMKN 1 Tembilahan who had collaborated with the signing of MoU.

With this MoU, students who do the Job Training will be protected by 2 programs, namely Work Accident Insurance (JKK) and Death Guarantee (JKM).

The Head of Kempas State Vocational School 1, Bedrizon said, at present the company as the location of students conducting internships / street vendors has required these students to have social security as an important program that must be followed.

"Every year we release about 200 students to various companies or other places to conduct field work practices," Bedrizon said.

According to him, this activity does not rule out the possibility of work accident risk prone so it is important to be protected by the employment social security program.

"Work accidents, as one type of work risk, are very likely to occur anywhere and in any line of work," he said.

He added, Work Accident Insurance (JKK) is a guarantee that provides protection for the risks of accidents that occur in work relationships, including accidents that occur on the way from home to work or vice versa and diseases caused by the work environment.

"For the guarantee of death (JKM) is a program that provides cash benefits provided to the heirs when the participant dies not due to a work accident," he added.

Meanwhile, Iksarudin as the head of the BPJS Employment Branch of Rengat said, vocational students who are doing field work now do not need to worry anymore, because if this risk occurs, BPJS Employment is ready to provide treatment in all medical treatment costs.

"The cost is unlimited for students who have an accident while doing street vendors or provide death benefits for students who die of 24 million rupiah," he explained.

In line with the Head of BPJS Employment KCP Inhil, Tengku Edy M who also hopes, hopefully with the MoU between BPJS Employment Rengat Branch with SMK Negeri 1 Kempas can encourage other SMKs to care about the risks for students doing field work practices.

"It means we also participate to support the employment social security program," said Edy.

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