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Promote Mangrove Forests, Inhil Youth and Sports Tourism Office Holds JES 2019


Solop Ecotourism Cruising which was held in 2017 Solop Ecotourism Cruising which was held in 2017 -

Inhil Youth and Sports Tourism Office Indragiri Hilir Regency in collaboration with Inhil Indonesia Bicycle Association (ISSI) Inhil as well as the GTC and BRC Cycle Communities organized the Solop Ecotourism Exploration (JES) 2019 event.

The event will be held on December 1, 2019 with cyclists from various regions in Riau Province participated.

This event is the second time to be held after the same event was held in 2017 in the context of the promotion of ecotourism of peat swamps and Mangrove forests in Inhil.

For this year the participants are limited to only 200 people, of which 82 people come from 10 bicycle communities from Pekanbaru City, Kuansing, Kampar, Pelalawan and Indragiri Hulu Regencies.

In the event, the cyclists will start from the Belingkas Cawan Island area to touch the finish line on Solop Beach with a distance of 12 km through the peat swamp dirt road and along the mangrove forest.

Even more challenging the participants will go through several wooden walkways to cross 5 tributaries. "This will be the main attraction for the participants' balance and adrenaline test," said Head of Disparporabud Inhil, Junaidy.

He added, this year's JES Event aims to promote and part of efforts to make several points of peat areas and Indragiri Hilir Mangrove forest areas as tourist destinations that are assembled as "Insular Peatland Ecotourism of Inhil, South Riau".

"We hope that the tourism potential, both natural beauty, rich flora and fauna, cultural and culinary diversity as a tourist attraction that is able to contribute to the economic growth of Inhil Regency," he said.

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