Wow! Long Time Ago This Food is Only As Chicken and Pork Feed, Now This Slimy Food Prices Reach IDR 17 Million per Kilo


Angulas, the expensive food which was as feed for chicken and pig Angulas, the expensive food which was as feed for chicken and pig
Angulas is the Spanish language used to refer to baby eel.

Make no mistake, angulas are one of the most expensive foods in the country you know.

The details, these foods have almost no taste at all, slimy, shaped like a limp worm that is presented on a plate.

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In the past, angulas were used to feed chickens and pigs, and even historical evidence reveals that this food was the staple food of the working class in northern Spain.

But don't be surprised, angulas are now sold per kilo for 1,000 euros.

So, it can be said that only rich people can afford it.

It was due to the scarcity and difficulty of obtaining angulas. Scarcity plays a big role in the skyrocketing price of angulas.

Dams, environmental degradation, and overfishing affect the eel puppies population. The more rarely angulas are obtained, the more expensive the price.

Although it has no taste at all, but many people are curious to try it so they dare to pay a high price.

As an illustration of the taste, the recipe for cooking angulas is usually preceded by sautéing garlic and red chillies using a lot of olive oil, then added with this eel sapling.

Angulas are very popular in Spain, even the black market of angulas is growing rapidly in the country.

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