Proposed Addition of Presidential Term of Office for 3 Periods, Only Wants to Slap Jokowi's Face


President Joko Widodo President Joko Widodo - President Joko Widodo responded to the discourse of extending the president's tenure to three periods in a relaxed manner. This issue continues to roll along with the limited amendment plan of the 1945 Constitution.

According to Jokowi, those who proposed amending the 1945 Constitution by changing the presidential term to three periods only wanted to find a sensation.

"Some say the president was elected for three periods. (Those who propose), one wants to slap me in the face. Second wants to find a face, third wants to plunge, that's all," President Jokowi said in a discussion with reporters at the Presidential Palace at the Jakarta Merdeka Palace on Monday. (2 December 2019).

The proposal to change the president's tenure into three periods came after the recommendation of the MPR. Amending the 1945 Constitution for the period 2014-2019. But initially the recommendation was only limited to the State Policy Outline (GBHN).

The discourse of increasing the presidential term to three periods in the amendment to the 1945 Constitution has drawn mixed reactions from the public. Some groups questioned the importance behind the issue.

IPDN Constitutional Law Professor Juanda was surprised by the discourse. He considers there is no urgency regarding the addition of the president's term.

"What are the three periods of argument? What are the basic arguments?" said Juanda in Jakarta, Saturday (30 November 2019).

While Deputy Chair of the MPR from the PPP Faction, Arsul Sani, revealed that the proposal to change the term of office of the president to three periods came from the DPR member Nasdem Faction.

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