Heard a Strange Sound from the Next Room, Two Women Found This Surprising Thing


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A man with the initial HT, 51, was found dead lying in room 01 Wisma Pandan, on Jalan Pandan-Padangsidimpuan, North Sumatra, Wednesday (4 Dec) afternoon.

Head of Public Relations Sub Unit of Tapteng Iptu Rensa Sipahutar Police, confirmed the tragic event. He mentioned that the victim was a civil servant in the Tapteng Regency Revenue Service as the Treasury Head.

The resident of Aek Tolang, District of Pandan was briefly rushed to Pandan Regional Hospital, but his life was beyond help.

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The victim was first discovered by an employee of the guesthouse Masnawati, 43. At that time Masnawati was about to start the water machine which was located near the victim's room.

Seeing the victim's room open, Masnawati approached and saw the victim snoring in the room. Feeling strange, Masnawati called for another guesthouse employee, Darwis Pasaribu, 47.

"The two of them together entered the room to see the condition of the victim. Because there was no change Masnawati took garlic and then brought it closer to the victim's nose, but there was no reaction," explained Rensa Sipahutar.

Around 12:30 pm, Masnawati and Darwis Pasaribu called a pedicab to immediately bring the victim to Pandan District Hospital. Upon arrival at the hospital the victim was lifeless.

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"According to the statement of the Director of Pandan Hospital Dr. Rikki, there were no signs of violence found on the victim's body. And the family has made a statement not to do an autopsy," said Rensa.

Still according to the statement of the Head of the Tapteng Sub-District Police Headquarters, at the scene there was found a black Honda Beat motorcycle with police number BB 3213 MV in a homestead parking position.

One used condom was also found under the bed room. In addition, the police also found three candies resembling small pieces of black in the room, and one clove of garlic.



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