Being Hit by a Motorcyclist, This Cobra Snake Did Something Unusual


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A young man had to run in a hurry chased cobras along two kilometers. It turned out that the incident began when he ran over the deadly reptile in Jalaun district, Uttar Pradesh.

When the young man, Guddu Pachauri, drove away, the cobra chased after him. Finally, Guddu fell from his motorcycle and injured his heel badly. However, the snake was still chasing Guddu, he ran away scared, leaving his bicycle on the road.

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Strangely, the cobra sat on the bicycle for more than an hour, then the crowd gathered in that place. As soon as someone tried to approach the bicycle, the cobra hissed threateningly.

In about an hour, the cobra refused to move, the crowd began to throw stones at the reptile. The reptiles then quietly left and people sighed in relief.

Guddu, said that he was still worried that the snake was an incarnate creature, and wanted to repay his actions.


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