Iran Is Found Smuggling Missiles Into Iraq, This is the Intelligence's Opinion About Iran's Acts


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Secretly it turns out that Iran has created ongoing chaos in Iraq. According to US intelligence and military officials, Iran has built a hidden arsenal of hidden short-range ballistic missiles in Iraq, part of a widening effort to try to intimidate the Middle East region and assert its strength.

The smuggling was uncovered when the United States rebuilt its military presence in the Middle East to ward off emerging threats to American interests.

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Smuggling Iranian missiles in Iraq is the latest sign that the Trump administration's efforts to deter Tehran by increasing US military presence in the Middle East have largely failed.

The missiles threatened US allies and partners in the region, including Israel and Saudi Arabia. Even the missiles could endanger American troops, intelligence officials said.

Intelligents read the intentions of Iran's actions. They know that a missile arsenal outside its borders benefits the Iranian government. If the United States or Israel will bomb Iran, its military can use missiles hidden in Iraq to counter Israel or the Gulf state. The presence of these weapons can also help prevent attacks.

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Intelligence officials did not discuss the exact model of ballistic missiles Iran had smuggled into Iraq. They only explained the smuggled missile was a short range missile having a range of more than 600 miles. That means that one fired from the outskirts of Baghdad can attack Jerusalem.

US intelligence officials first warned about Iran's new missiles in Iraq last year, and Israel launched air strikes aimed at destroying hidden Iranian weapons. But since then, US officials have said the threat has increased, with new ballistic missiles being secretly moved by Iran.


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