Shooting Pearl Harbor Base, This Man Injured 3 Workers Before He Committed Suicide


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Not knowing what got into this US sailor, until he was able to open fire at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard on Wednesday. The shot fatally shot two shipyard workers and injured another. Strangely, the authorities reported after firing that the sailor committed suicide

The shooting took place around 2:30 pm Local time, precisely at the dry dock at the Pearl Harbor-Hickam Joint Base. So far the seafarer's motive is unknown, whether the seafarers were indeed tasked with actively attacking three shipyard workers - civilians of the Department of Defense - or indiscriminately firing.

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Based on a clear investigation the seaman was assigned to USS Columbia. Every submarine docked at the shipyard for maintenance, Rear Admiral Robert B. Chadwick II, commander of the Navy in Hawaii, said at a press conference Wednesday.

Injured shipyard workers are in stable condition, Chadwick said.

The names of armed men and victims will not be released until the victim's closest relatives are told in advance, he said.




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