Terrorist; a Suspected Terrorist Was Successfully Arrested in Jayapura, Police also Found This


Jayapura Police Leader, AKBP Victor Dean Mackbon Jayapura Police Leader, AKBP Victor Dean Mackbon

Unexpectedly, someone who is suspected as terrorist was in Jayapura. On Thursday (5 December 2019), the Papua Regional Police (Polda) Team together with Jayapura District Police secured the suspected terrorist.

A terrorist suspect was arrested in the BTN Grand Doyo Baru housing complex, Sentani, Jayapura Regency.

He was then taken by the police to Jayapura Police Station at around 10:00 am.

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Not only that, Jayapura Police Leader, AKBP Victor Dean Mackbon through YouTube KompasTV said that a number of items of evidence in the form of bomb-making materials were also found.

The police also searched three locations that were suspected of being homemade bomb storage.

Based on the results of the search in the three locations, the police also found some evidence in the form of material for making poms.

The most surprising thing was the discovery of a bomb that was hidden by the side of the road.

Previously, the arrest of suspected terrorists had also taken place in Surakarta.


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