Terrible; a Girl was Found Dead Tragically in Her Boarding Room, Police Found Something Terrible in the Boarding Wall


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How unfortunate is the fate of this beautiful 25-year-old boarding girl. She was found dead tragically in her own boarding room.

The girl with the initials AH was found in a blood-soaked state in the boarding house she lived in.

The victim's body was found an incision in the right neck and there was a collision scar on the forehead, cheeks and legs.

In fact, from the results of the crime scene (TKP), the police found the victim's blood etched on the wall of the room.

The most terrible thing, the victim's blood was etched using the hands of the perpetrator herself.

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Medan Kapolrestabes Kombes Pol Dadang Hartanto said that the perpetrator had written words on the walls of the victim's room using blood.

Police officers found evidence in his boarding room located on Jalan Punak, Kelurahan Sei Putih Timur II, Medan Petisah District, Medan City.

Eko ensured that the victim had attended school in the Tanjung Pura area.

Regarding where the victim came from, Dadang claimed that his side was still investigating.

"We are in the background. Pray that the perpetrators will be arrested soon," said Dadang.


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