Tiger's Rampage; This Man Was Found Rotting, His Meat was Torn to Bone


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Citizens' worry in the City of Pagaralam about tiger terror has become a reality.

One resident was found dead after being ravaged by a wild tiger. The incident made South Sumatra residents tantrum.

The victim was named Yudiansyah (40). The victim is known to be a resident of Karang Village, Lahat Regency

The victim was found dead in the Talang Tani area of ??Tebat Benawa Village, South Dempo Subdistrict, Pagaralam City, Thursday (5 December 2019) around 10:00 am.

The victim was first discovered by her relative, Indrawansyah (27) while searching for the victim's whereabouts.

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According to witness testimony, the victim went to the garden on Monday 2 December 2019 at 08.00 am to get coffee.

But the victim did not immediately go home that day and the family thought the victim was staying in the garden because there was still provisions in the garden cottage.

But on Wednesday, December 4, 2019 around 06:00 pm, the victim's in-laws died. The family tried to contact the victim but the victim could not be contacted.

"We contacted the victim to inform him that his mother-in-law had died. But the victim could not be contacted," he said.

Because it could not be reached Thursday (05 December 2019) the victim's family immediately followed to the plantation location to look for the victim.

About 10 meters from the hut, the victim was found dead in a pathetic condition.

"When we found that the condition had rotted only the skull was left and there was only leg meat left," he said.

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The witness even saw the Sumatran Tiger beast around the location of the discovery of the victim's body.

Because the journey to the crime scene is still considered risky because the tiger is said to be still around the body of the victim.

The police and army also escorted residents who participated in the evacuation process of victims with long weapons.

The Sub-district also immediately appealed to the entire community of Benawa Tebat Village for a while not to go to the garden first.




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