The Purpose of the Heart of Breaking Up the Opposite, the Woman who is a Leader of Family Welfare Program Was Killed Horribly by Youth


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It is unfortunate the fate of a cadre of Family Welfare Empowerment (PKK) from Medan. The woman's intention was to break the brawl of two groups, but they were actually stabbed by two young men. The woman's life could not be saved after briefly undergoing intensive treatment at the hospital.

The incident began with two actors named Sidik and Andika who held a braid horse ritual with their colleagues on Friday (6 December 2019) in the morning. The activity was opposed by the youth of the local community until a fight broke out between the two groups.

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The victim named Lismawati (45) then went to the location of the brawl to pick up her child who was suspected of being in one of the groups. While trying to break up, the victim was actually stabbed by the perpetrator. Not only got an attack, the victim suffered stab wounds to the right head, neck and stomach. Unfortunately, the victim breathed her last after being hospitalized.

The atmosphere of emotion enveloped the funeral procession. The victim's husband and children could not help but cry at the sight of the victim's departure.

Two perpetrators have been secured at Medan Labuhan Police Station to take responsibility for their actions.



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