Mexico Was Attacked by Armed Men Again, 23 People Kidnapped Without Reason


Illustration Illustration - The surprise attack was carried out by a group of armed men in Mexico. A group of gunmen kidnapped 23 people in a drug dependency clinic on Wednesday (12 December 2019). A total of 13 of them were released in a wound condition.

Witnesses said that there were quite a number of armed men. They went to the clinic in Irapuato, Guanajuato State, using several vehicles and immediately stormed.

"We have the names of 23 (victims), 13 of whom were released and 10 are still missing," Guanajuato prosecutor Carlos Zamarripa was quoted as saying by AFP on Friday (6 December 2019).

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He added, some of them suffered severe injuries and shock so were reluctant to give information about what happened.

The Guanajuato region, besides being a center of industry and tourism, the region is also one of the areas which is subject to violence in Mexico.

Meskiko has been hit by a series of recent security disasters, including the slaughter of nine women and children from the dual-national Mormon community, the United States-Mexico.

This incident made President Donald Trump furious and offered military assistance to Mexico to hunt down the perpetrators, even though they were rejected. Trump even planned to include the Mexican drug cartel group on the list of international terrorists.


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