Sadistic! Just Because Using English, This Woman Was Cut Off, Her Brain Eaten


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The sadistic murder case in the city of Talisayan, the Philippines was finally revealed on Thursday (5 December 2019). Philippine police, revealed a 21-year-old man was arrested for murdering a young woman, not only that the perpetrator also ate the victim's body parts or also called cannibals.

Talisayan police official Maribeth Ramoga said the perpetrator was named Lloyd Bagtong (21). He was named as the main suspect in the murder of a woman. However, the identity of the victim could not be ascertained.

The victim's body was found by residents in a house 4 kilometers from the perpetrators' residence in Barangay Punta. At that time, residents were very restless, because the woman's body was found without a head.

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After receiving the report, the police hunted the perpetrator based on witness testimony. Officers suspect a man who came with the victim and then left the location with a package. Bagtong was arrested at his house on the same day without resistance.

During the examination, Bagtong claimed to be the murderer and explained the sequence of events. He tied his hands then took off the victim's upper garment. After that the perpetrator beheaded.

Bagtong also claimed to have eaten the victim's brain because he was hungry. Without feeling disgusted, the victim's body parts made side dishes to be eaten with rice. After that he threw the victim's head into a hole not far from his house.

Based on information from neighbors who knew him, Bagtong also suffered mental disorders.

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Meanwhile, about the motive for the murder, the police are still investigating it. But the perpetrator said that he was upset with the victim because of the language she used.

"The suspect said he killed the victim because he spoke in English. This might upset him," Ramoga said, quoted by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Friday (6 December 2019).

Police also found a piece of cloth full of blood used by the suspect to wrap the victim's head from the scene of the incident to his home.


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