Wife Hasn't Pregnant Yet for 3 Years, Husband Easily Burnt Her, Here's the Case


The victim and the perpetrator The victim and the perpetrator

This is a case of cruel violence against women. This terrible case happened for only the most trivial reasons.

A man burns his wife in Egypt because his wife has no children after 3 years of their marriage. The man did not think in the slightest that the problem could be caused by his own shortcomings or mistakes.

Not knowing what got into him, he sadly tied his wife. Then he doused his wife with a flammable liquid, then burned it. After doing this the same high schooler feels innocent. He then calmly walked out and went to his mother's house, which was located in the same building.

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The neighbor immediately told the police about the terrible incident. While the husband just stood on the balcony of his parents' house. Before the police arrived, the wife died. The husband was immediately arrested.

"He kept beating and cursing him in their three-year marriage, constantly calling him infertile."

The man is currently being referred to the public prosecutor, who has accused him in this case. The Egyptians asked the authorities to give him the harshest punishment available.

Nobody forgives what he did. Such cruel and inhumane actions only reduce our belief in human nature.


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