5 Days Disappeared, 70-year-old Man Found Floating in the Kencong Tualang Siak River


The bodies of the victims found floating in the river The bodies of the victims found floating in the river - A male corpse was found by residents in a floating position with the prone position in the Kencong River flow, Kampung Pinang Sebatang Barat District of Tualang, Siak, Thursday, December 5, 2019.

The discovery of the body began, when a resident of Kampung Pinang Sebatang Barat named Yudi was about to go to the garden. On the way, he smelled a bad smell coming from the river. When viewed, it turns out a male corpse.

"I was originally going to stay awake, when passing near the river, there was a foul odor, I approached it and it turned out I knew the victim, I immediately contacted my friend Askan so he would give this information to the family," he explained.

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Arriving at the scene, the family saw firsthand and confirmed that the corpse was a member of his family.

Separately, over the incident, the Police Chief of Tualang Kompol Pribadi confirmed the incident, his party had also conducted a crime scene crime, and concluded that the victim was thought to have fallen into the river when he was about to urinate.

"Yes, it's true, a corpse with the initials S has been found lying rigidly in a river that is on Jalan M Ali RT 001 / RW 004 Suka Melati Hamlet, Kencong River, Kampung Pinang, West Sebatang," he said.

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The 70-year-old victim has long been sought by the family and experienced senile or dazed had had a stroke and could not speak.

The victim left home from Saturday 30 November 2019 in the morning and the family had tried to find it all the way to Pelalawan District. Even the news has been done on Social Media.
Poor dad often left the house and in 2018 was found in Kuantan Bay, then delivered by the Social Service to the Family.

From the results of post mortem in Tualang Regional Hospital there were no signs of violence found on the victim's body. The victim's family refused to do an Outopsy and had let go of the victim's death and had been buried.

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