Alfedri: Teachers Become Fighters for the Nation Today and For the Future


(Siak Alfedri Regent opens PGRI Sports and Arts Week activity (photo / Lin)) (Siak Alfedri Regent opens PGRI Sports and Arts Week activity (photo / Lin)) -

SIAK- Regent of Siak Alfedri opened the PGRI Sports and Arts Week. In the context of the 74th Anniversary of PGRI and the 2019 National Teachers' Day, which was centered on the Soccer Fields of the Koto Gasib District.

The activity was carried out with the aim of establishing friendship and solidarity with PGRI in Siak Regency. Various performances displayed by the Teachers also enlivened the opening of the Sport and Art Week (Porseni) activity.

Siak Regent Alfedri in his speech said, on behalf of the Siak Regency Government he appreciated the holding of activities carried out annually by the Siak Regency PGRI, hoping to establish a friendly relationship between fellow teachers and PGRI members throughout Siak Regency, as well as to find ambassadors from Siak Regency who will take part in PGRI Porseni events at the Provincial and National levels.

"I am also a part of this PGRI, not only  my wife is a teacher, but I have also been a teacher and was once the principal of a Kopri high school in Minas," Alfedri said.

Alfedri also added, he was very happy to be present at the opening ceremony of the Porseni with teachers present in Siak Regency, according to him, there are many things that can be obtained from the teachers, such as starting with laughter, a teacher can give progress to the nation's life in the future, and the teachers are also the fighters of the Republic of Indonesia both for today and for the future.

"We are here showing a sign that we love PGRI and teachers in Siak Regency, not only love a teacher, but also all teachers in Siak Regency," he concluded. (R24 / Lin)

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