Progeria Syndrome; This Teen's Is Aging Like Granny, Here's the Story


Xiao Feng, a teenager with a grandmother's face Xiao Feng, a teenager with a grandmother's face

Unlike teenagers in general, a teenager (15) from China named Xiao Feng is experiencing such terrible aging. Investigate a calibaration turns out that things have started happening even since he was 1 year old.

This teenage girl has a face like a grandmother.

According to media reports, wrinkles and cheeks and sagging eyes are experienced due to sutu things.

This makes him look like a grandmother over 60 years old.

Sadly, because of his condition, Xiao Feng decided to quit school.

He prefers to stay at home with his parents who are a farmer.

Not only that, before at school, his friends always intimidated him and called him a 'freak.'

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The teenager from Heishan in northeast China, said:

"I look different from my classmates so I quit school and stopped going out."

"Besides, I didn't have many friends at school.

"Every time I sit with them, I look more like their grandmother."

Initially, Feng admitted not understanding what is beautiful and ugly. However, along with age, Feng began to care about how people view it.

Starting to realize his appearance which could not be called beautiful, Xiao Feng had never taken a photo.

He also stopped smiling

Feng's father said that his mother suffered from a similar condition.

This condition is called progeria syndrome.

She said:

"We didn't take him to be tested. His mother also has the same condition. We know our child inherited it.

"We are not educated, so we don't understand anything about genetic disorders.

The story of what happened to Xiao Feng has spread abroad throughout the country since he wrote it to Chinese philanthropist Guo Mingyi.

Guo later announced that he was raising funds for Xiao Feng's care and had consulted with experts.

From there, it was discovered that Xiao Feng needed to undergo a series of plastic surgeon operations and follow-up procedures to remodel his face.

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The treatment will also cost up to IDR 1 billion.

In Xiao Feng's letter to Guo, he wrote: "I want to live a normal life."

"I want to walk on the road without avoiding other people's eye contact.

"I want to go back to school and never hear my classmates talk about me behind my back."

"I want to study to be a doctor. I often dream about that day."


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